As a part of the Sustainability Graduate Program’s commitment to partnerships and experiential learning, the mentor program strives to create opportunities to develop students personally and professionally by creating partnerships with students, alumni, sustainability professionals, the community and providing resources for graduates to develop and manage their careers.

One-on-One Mentoring

The Sustainability Mentor Program pairs graduate students with sustainability professionals in a one-on-one mentoring relationship. Mentors assist students as they explore sustainable related organizations and industries, clarify career goals, develop and maintain professional relationships, and build a professional network within the sustainability community.


  • Serve as a wise and trusted advisor, learning broker and counselor.
  • Help student gain confidence, clarify goals and develop effective networking skills.
  • Give timely, supportive and constructive feedback and help them improve their competencies including critical thinking, ethical decision making, interpersonal relations, teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Be a professional role model allowing your student to observe and interact with you in order to understand how to become a productive, effective and respected leader and sustainability professional.

Student’s Role and Responsibilities:

  • Drive the relationship – ask for meetings on a monthly basis at a minimum.
  • Seek advice from mentor and be receptive to constructive feedback about career path decisions, skills competency development and professional development plans.
  • Be responsible, respectful, dependable and committed to building a productive mentoring relationship.
  • Be motivated and proactive in clarifying your career goals, improving your work competencies and developing networking contacts.

Opportunities Available to Mentors:

  • Networking: Connect with other mentors, faculty, staff, and students of the Wake Forest University community.
  • Speakers: Unique invitations to attend speaking engagements throughout the year.
  • Workshops and Panels: Participate in sessions and panels educating the Sustainability Graduate Program students in your industry or organization.
  • Organization Presentations: Visit campus and conduct information sessions using our facilities.
  • Community/Corporate/Student Events: Introduce students and faculty to key areas of your organization through operational visits, immersion weekends, or by lending your expertise as a content expert.
  • Projects/Internships: Sustainability in action. Student projects identify sustainable business opportunities and implement sustainable management techniques in various settings and industries.


CEES and the Sustainability Graduate Programs work directly with community, corporate, and government partners on a variety of levels.  For more information on the mentor program or to explore the many resources available to you and your organization, please contact Ashley Wilcox at 336.758.6032 or wilcoxam@wfu.edu.